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Cuvée Cléopâtre : Len de l'El - Saffron - Pearl

Made in Tarn (France) with Love


The perfect alchemy between a pearl, saffron and an unique thousand-year-old grape variety.

The Cuvée Cléopâtre is a wine-based drink made with saffron and a pearl.

The recipe is based on the perfect alchemy between a variety of grape unique in the world, the "LEN DE LEL“, local saffron and a pearl of culture.

It is the result of an idea and the work of the collaboration of a winemaker, a saffron producer and an Entrepreneur from Gaillac area, in the Tarn. They work together to forge the soul of the Cuvée Cléopâtre.

Don't hesitate to meet them and come and taste their respective products, because Gaillac is a wonderful little town in the south west of France, with one of the oldest vineyards in the world, rich from its culture and gastronomy.

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